Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's My Day!

Thank you for the flowers and balloons. Thank you for the dinner. Thank you for the text messages and greetings.

But more importantly, thank you for the past year. Thank you for letting me test the limits of my insanity keeping me grounded and for making me laugh despite the stress and disappointments.

Thank you for giving me a lot of reasons to be thankful for. There's no better gift in this world than to have families and friends like you.

Edit: Oo nga pala - BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT - Champion ang Ginebra!!!


MakMak said...

JELA, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Kala mo nakalimutan ko na ha... nakalimutan ko nga. LOL. Dyuk!)

Excited na'ko sa RedBox natin. Hehe.

Enjoy your day, and celebrate it with the people who matter.

oliboy said...

happy bday jela! :)