Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Japan Is Still Driving Me Insane!

After spending three days complaining about the delayed soft subs for episode 8 of Maou, I have let the raw episode and the soft subs sit unwatched in the hard disk for two days now. Argh!

I just can't bring myself to watch this episode!
It has that big REVEAL!
My head's about to explode when I realized there are only 3 episodes left!

So now I'm holding back from watching this episode after days and days of impatiently waiting for it. What's wrong with me?!

How are you so good, Maou?

I don't know how anyone can say they've lived a meaningful if they haven't seen this series. Okay, that's an exaggeration but seriously? MUST. WATCH. Damn it, just watch this show!

I'm willing to burn the episodes in a CD if you're interested. But you have to wait for the series to end. I wouldn't want to put you through the agony of waiting every week for new episodes. On the contrary, I can't imagine how marathon-watching the series won't give anyone a heart attack. But that kind of heart attack? All goooood.


Other ways in which Japan drove me insane:

I spent the first long weekend watching Japanese game shows or talk shows that Arashi guested in and each one is so freakin' hilarous! I was laughing so hard and so loud that my mom had to ask me what the hell I was watching. And I couldn't really tell her because how can one explain why she's watching a Japanese show without subtitle when she don't even speak that language and yet still find the whole thing funny?!

And then the next second, I was crying my eyes out while watching episode 7 of Maou.

But it's not my sanity I'm worried about. Last week my mom asked me IF SHE CAN WATCH what I was watching because she's curious about what's making me laugh like crazy.

My mom's about to find out that her only daughter is going bonkers.

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