Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Couch Potato Version 2009

So – for those who are expecting hoping against hope that my jdrama addiction will wane this year, you’re in for a disappointment. You’re free to wander, though, to more exciting places whenever I gush about my obsessions.

I’m excited over two upcoming jdramas – the one starring Ikuta Toma (of course) and the one starring Ohno Satoshi (the role looks hilarious and a far cry from Maou). Plus, I intend to finish my remaining jdrama DVDs before I buy/download new ones. See, I’m trying to be organized and in control!

I’m still playing catch up with my fave American TV series and starting on some promising and recommended series. Can you believe I have not watched a single episode of Prison Break season 4? I’m not exactly motivated to watch PB since the last season was a disappointment and I’m not particularly pleased with the Dr.-Sara-Trancedi-back-from-the-dead storyline, but I want to change my mind about this series, I really do.

Then something happened that made me weep – weep for my hard drive, weep for my couch potato time, weep for my soul. The Korean version of Hana Yori Dango/Meteor Garden is now on and I know I just have to watch it! Which reminds me – I still need to finish my HYD picspam. And finish reading the manga. And watch the movie.

I’m yet to start with anything and already I’m cracking under pressure. Damn.

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