Monday, January 5, 2009

Do Not Want

I'm not excited to be back at the office. The problem with long vacation is that it takes a long time for my body and mind to let go of its slacker status. Not to mention that I still find myself alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic at ungodly hours. And the weather is making matters worse by giving me more incentive to stay and curl up in bed and snuggle against my fave pillow. Who wants to take a cold bath at six in the morning?


As you can see, there's been changes in my blog. This is still under slow construction so please excuse the abysmal layout and ignore the "read more..." link because it's not yet working properly.

I'm not... happy with changing my blog address and title. My blog title, especially, since I always thought it described well the contents of this blog. "Incredibly Shallow" worked nicely with my other blog but I'm not sure if it's the right one for this, but for now, it stays.

I'm staying, too, for now. So please bear with me as I make changes here and there. :)

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