Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have the DUMB today. Can somebody please give the closest English translations for these words?

  • kilig
  • tambay
  • torpe
  • kulit
  • gunita


MakMak said...
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MakMak said...

Kilig - shudder/chill; romantic thrill
Tambay - bum(?)
Torpe - gutless(?)
Kulit - (v) to annoy; (adj) annoying
Gunita - (v) remember or commemorate; (n) memory

Hehe. Hula lang.

jelai said...

Somehow, the English does not do justice to what kilig or torpe means to us!

I - I was thinking of tambay as a verb, but that's good translation, too! Pwede siguro hang out, pero hindi pala verb yun!

Thanks Mak! :D