Saturday, January 31, 2009

14 Days To Love - Prelude

Today is the end of January, which means Bash The Singles Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. *cue retching from too much reds and hearts*

I decided to do again a 14 Days To Lurve project that I did last year (like it was such a success). This time, instead of quotes from books, I choose quotes from movies and TV shows. Unlike last time, though, my posts will include notes/thoughts on the quotes I chose. In books, the emotions/feelings behind the quote are described by the author for the reader. This time, it’s merely dialogue, and unless you’ve watched the movie/TV show quoted, the meaning of the words might not be so clear.

You won’t see the usual quotes here, like the lines from Jerry Maguire or The Notebook, because I… haven’t seen those movies. I haven’t watched a lot of romantic flicks, so don’t expect fancy words that will make you swoon. I did not pick these quotes for the words itself, but more on how those words were said by the characters and how it relates to the whole picture. So please be kind and don’t harass me with comments like “But that’s not romantic enough!”.

Jen and Mak are also planning something similar, so don’t forget to check those out.

Comments will be nice, but chocolates on Valentine’s Day are just as good. (What?)

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