Thursday, January 8, 2009

The sooner you fall behind, the more time you will have to catch up...

I’ve been cleaning up my emails and files (personal and work-related) since Tuesday. It was tedious work because… well, I’ve been too lazy to delete stuffs that I had accumulated so much emails and files.

I started with the personal emails and files. My friends and I had this habit of turning our emails into pseudo-YMs and being the lazy person that I am, most of the messages are still stored in my personal folder. It was both fun and sad to go through each messages before deleting as I reminisce about those topics that we talked about.

Another fun moment was reading stuffs I previously wrote, especially those unfinished drafts of blog entries that I did not post or abandoned entirely, for one reason or another.

This one made me go “aaww…”

Screw my rule of not going out with a guy to watch a movie. If he asks me to watch “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, I am going to say YES. And he’ll be my boyfriend na. Hahaha…

That is, assuming we get past the “ngitian pag nagkasalubong” stage that we are in now. Also, assuming that he does like me and I do like him back, because I doubt whether I like him enough right now.

Wala, gusto ko lang ng may kangitian hahaha…

What’s funny was the line I bolded because as it turns out, I do like him enough! Enough that even a year after learning he’s very much married already, I still feel kilig when I see him. *bangs head against the wall*

Then I did something stupid and embarrassing with my work emails. You see, my outlook settings is such that even after reading an email, it will not be marked as “read”. So, I was mass deleting emails from 2006 and 2007 when an officemate called me to say something like “Whoa! You flooded my inbox with tons and tons of ‘deleted without being read’ receipts from you!” Even my boss called my attention because he received the same notifications! Darn it! So now I make sure that I mark everything as read before deleting anything.

Next stop – my yahoo account. Ever since Yahoo had that unlimited mail space I have not deleted most of the emails I received! The problem is that whenever I’m looking for an old email, I have to trawl through other useless stuffs before I find what I was looking for.

Obviously, my goal for this year is to be organized. It’s not really my strongest point but at least I’m trying!


MakMak said...

Wee! Let's all delete unnecessary things that take up space in our already-cramped up lives.

PS. Did you remember to delete all the links in your previous URL? The Bitch might be smart enough to get to this site through the blog network.

jelai said...

Happy New Year Mak!

Hu-well, I did everything I could to, shall we say, "sever ties" with my former URL. Hope it's good enough. :)