Tuesday, February 12, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 12

I like being called his wife in the same way that I liked calling Lander my husband. It felt sort of tingly. I had the same feeling when I stared at my wedding ring. They say you get used to it but I hoped that they were wrong. Marriage, like spinach and opera, was something I never thought I would like. I changed my mind about opera when I was nine years old. My father took me to the first night of Madame Butterfly at Brescia. After the performance Dad cooked, while Puccini regaled me with hilarious stories and signed autograph books - from that day on I was a devoted fan. In the same way, it took being in love with Landen to make me change my mind about marriage. I found it exciting and exhilirating: two people, together, as one. It was where I was meant to be. I was happy; I was contented; I was fulfilled.

And spinach? Well, I'm still waiting.

Thursday Next, Lost In A Good Book - Jasper Fforde

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