Wednesday, February 13, 2008

14 Days To Lurve - Day 13

He sat down on the edge of the bed next to her, and dropped his head in his hands. ‘It wasn’t supposed to be this way,’ he thought. He felt her shift on the bed again and place her hand on his arm. He loved her. Every time he had to leave her, his heart ached. Every time he saw her, his heart ached. All he wanted was to be with her. She consumed him in every way possible. She gently squeezed his arm, and he closed his eyes. He could lead her into the fires of hell and she would willingly follow.

Opening his eyes, he turned to look at her. He could see in her eyes that she loved him, there was no doubt. And it was because of this love he allowed himself to do something he had always forbidden himself to do – dream. His life had never been his so it was useless to dream, but when he held her, he realized he wanted his life to be his own. He allowed himself to dream of a future and in this future he saw himself walking with her, free. They were both free.

Forbidden Obsession - Corazon (an HP fanfiction from Ashwinder)

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