Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Did you watch last night’s The-Congressmen-Try-To-Milk-Their-3-Minute-Fame-With-Grandiose-But-Empty-Words Show, otherwise known as the vote of the Congress on the motion to declare the speakership vacant? Entertaining in an unpleasant sort of way, wasn’t it?

Each time a congressman asked for a chance to explain his/her vote (“May I explain my vote, Mr. Speaker?”), I wish the acting speaker would answer: NO, you may not. Just cast your vote damn it!”. You wonder where they get the gumption to talk about executing their law-making function efficiently when they keep on wasting our time with their self-serving and hypocritical speeches.

And so, with the successful move to dump JDV, the Congress has revealed itself to be the stewards of GMA’s quest for more power. A vote for change? What they accomplished was just a change of personality, just a change of a lapdog willing to turn a blind eye in exchange for concessions. Don’t kid yourself, nothing’s really changed.

P.S. 9:04pm. Is JDV going senile, or what? Now he's backtracking on the controversial statements he made on his privilege speech yesterday. You know, those heat of the moment bullshits. Like, now it's "alleged" tampering of election results. What a load of crap.

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Bom said...

ay naku, I heard parts of his JDVs speech na parang nanunumbat ng mga pabor na ginawa niya kay GMA. ayayay!