Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AI's Back!

I changed my mind. I'm no longer rooting for David Archuleta, he's just cheesy. I'm betting now on Jason Castro and his beautiful eyes!

He looks a bit like Zach dela Rocha, only cleaner hahaha. I wish he'd change his hairstyle because he's really cute.

My other faves so far are David Cook and Michael something from Australia. I still can't decide about the Noriega guy and Garrett. I'm a bit weirded out by them.

Glad that this cheesy show is back!

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jen said...

I got to see the last few parts of yesterday's show (starting with the guy who sang Breaking Up Is Hard To Do) and grabe, Jela, parang I love Jason na! hahahaha! Parang, it's so easy to listen to him, walang ka-effort-effort... I also like the guy from Australia... =)