Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Okay. I KNOW I was supposed to post my 14 Days ek ek on a daily basis. But I got lazy again – and that’s my only excuse! So let us all just pretend that I did post the entries as I should!


Do you have those days when you’re suddenly seized by a brilliant idea that you just have to – nay, need to – put it into action?

And yet not all your stupid brilliant idea translate too well into action. Hmmp.

Well, that’s putting it in very nice terms. What happened was that I had this idea to change my route on the way to the FX terminal in Ayala. (okay, so it was not really a brilliant idea…) For someone who got such a horrible sense of direction, it was a gutsy decision on my part. So I took the street parallel to the street that I usually pass through. By my own logic, it would still lead me to where I need to go, right?


I conveniently forgot that I was in Makati, where parallel streets don’t always stay parallel to the same streets. To put it simply, I got lost. I’ve walked for about 45 minutes before I finally turn up on the place where I need to be. That’s 45 minutes of walking on high heels! Good thing I have my trusty old iPod to keep me company.

Lesson learned? Never attempt an endeavor where the outcome depends on my sense of direction.


I love watching National Geographic. I don’t just learn different things:

1. The channel also inspires some philosophical thoughts – on one episode about lions, cheetahs and other members of the cat family, it was mentioned that their mating rituals are pretty quick and detached, and that they only do it for the survival of the species. It made me wonder: if it was the same case for us, humans, then sex and faithfulness won’t be such a big deal. But I want sex and faithfulness to mean something to me, so I’m glad we’re not cats.
2. The channel entertains like a good movie – I was touched by the episode on the history of the bridge on the River Kwai. I've been fascinated by both World War I and World War II for quite a long while (the W section of our old encyclopedia set was the most battered part because I used to read about WW1 and 2 on my spare time) but that was the first time I learned about the atrocities committed not just on the prisoners of war who were forced to build the bridge under harsh conditions but also on the other slaves and peasants who were innocent victims of the war. It made me feel ashamed that there were people who can hurt other people in such a cruel way, on such a grand scale.


“I can make believe I have everything but I can’t pretend that I don’t see, that without you, girl, my life is incomplete…”

Weird is when I sort of wish I have a boyfriend and that we have a major break up so that I can properly emote when I listen to this break up song.


This is my 300th post! Yay!

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