Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adik Blues

A friend thinks that the cure for my mad addictions is to have a new addiction. You know what? I certainly agree with him. I tend to forget my object of obsession when I have a new, well, object of obsession!

But if an existing addiction is already driving me crazy, how on earth will the new addiction not have the same effect on me?? Why can’t I be like any normal human being who simply LIKES stuffs? I want to be someone who’s without the MUST-NEED to satisfy her every curiosity; to collect each and every piece that completes her addictions (and more); to discuss every tiny detail of her addiction to anyone who would listen (even to anyone who clearly didn’t want to listen). I want to be able to say I like something and LEAVE IT AT THAT.

Not to mention - addictions burn a hole in my pocket.

On an unrelated, so-not-becoming-an-object-of-a-simmering-addiction note, is there a store here that sells Johnny The Homicidal Maniac comics? I’ve read about this comics more than 2 years ago and have been looking for it since.

"Dear Die-ary, there's nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost, so long as that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it. Too often a person grows complacent with their disillusionment, perpetually wearing their "discomfort" like a favorite shirt. I can't say I'm very pleased with where my life is just now... but I can't help but look forward to where it's going."

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