Friday, June 6, 2008

Post Script

My last post was something that hits too close to home, but I’m not taking it down. I won’t be posting the whole story here, but I hope it could drive my point that suicide doesn’t hurt the person who committed it, it hurts any people who would have to live with that. So please, don’t do it. Suicide isn’t cool, it isn’t a good way to draw attention. No one will ever truly understand what each of us are going through; our pains are unique to us. But there are people who will listen and who will care. They won’t solve your problems for you, but they will stay with you so you won’t have to face your troubles alone. And that, at least, should be reason enough to go on living.

And this… is the last time I’m being dramatic about it!

(I’m glad that my family is a bunch of unsentimental weirdoes. Even at times like this, they were able to look at the hilarious aspects of the experience and just have a laugh trip!)

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