Saturday, June 7, 2008

Make Me Remember...

When I was watching Hana Yori Dango, I was half wishing that the series won’t include an amnesia plot. Alas, my wish wasn’t granted. Thankfully, the plot was only one episode long and in this case, Domyouji Tsukasa only had partial memory loss – the only thing he couldn’t remember, conveniently enough, was the person he loved the most in the world, Makino Tsukushi! I really can’t help but roll my eyes at the way writers use memory loss to complicate the plot. Still, this was an improvement over Meteor Garden which ran that annoying and overlong plot for almost one season!

But the plot made me remember a question that’s been nagging me with regards to Dao Ming Si’s amnesia. I couldn’t put into meaningful words my thoughts on the matter. And then, Makino said it for me (or at least, the translation of Makino’s words said it for me):

“I was betting even with his memory loss… that he would choose me again. I had some weird ideas… but I was wrong… I was too conceited, huh?”

Can we really forget the one we love? And if we forget them, and meet them again, is it logical to expect that we still fall in love with the same person? I haven’t seen MG 2 in its entirety (as I’ve said, I didn’t like the plot device used) but if I remember correctly, even if Dao remembered bits about San Cai, he still chose Yesha. In HYD, Domyouji initially hated Tsukushi on sight (which is still in keeping with his character because they started out hating each other) but he still was instinctively drawn to and puzzled by her.

But those were only fiction. Despite the memory loss, the leads expectedly still end up together, happily ever after. How will it be in real life? Can we completely lose our memories of the person we love? Conversely, can we instinctively recognize again that person in spite losing our memories?

Forget amnesia. For those who believe in reincarnation and being in love with the same person in our various lifetimes, if we come face to face with that person, will our guts know that person is The One?

I don’t know if I make sense or if raised valid questions. I may be overanalyzing again!

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