Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have A Break, Minus The KitKat

I'm taking my break from my new personal "project". I didn't realize it would be this tedious and daunting! Well, I think taking screencaps is daunting - this is the first time I'm doing this.

Yes, the "project" is a new blog. But I'm not yet prepared to talk in detail about it or to link to that site because it's faaar from ready. I've been toying with this idea for so long and it's only now that I got the desperate desire to see it through. I'm crossing my fingers that I can have the site up the soonest! But damn, the things I wanted to do to this site is tiring.

This will still be my main blog but I hope you'll like my other blog!

Back to making screencaps haay...


MakMak said...

your links disappeared?

Jela said...

shoot! oo nga! damn, i'll update again the new template. thanks!