Monday, June 23, 2008

Bedroom Blues

Aside from my blog project, I also have another more personal project - renovate my bedroom.

My room is really small and cramped, but I like it. I also think that it needs a makeover. What I would really like to do with my room are 1) to repaint it with a flashier color (current color is dirty white and boring); 2) display all my posters (which, because of my room size, might actually defeat the purpose of a flashier paint color, but whatever); and 3) re-arrange the furniture.

The problem with re-arranging the furniture are a) my parents are opposed to MY ideas because the arrangement I want are bad feng shui daw; and b) I only have few items to re-arrange: my bed, my old bookshelf, my TV rack cum bookshelf, my small side table cum bookshelf and a big secondhand closet that my brother gave me. I’m not counting the fixture which contains my ehem, “beauty” essentials since it’s a, well, fixture on the wall. I’m also not counting the hanger holder or whatever you call it since my new (but secondhand) closet will (probably) fit now all my clothes. I’m also not counting the shoe rack just because.


I don’t have a vanity dresser and I don’t have chairs and tables, and I don’t plan on adding any of these. I’m thinking of putting a lampshade but I can’t put it on my side table. Well, technically, I could but I can’t put the side table next to my bed and so the purpose of the lampshade is defeated. I want to buy a new DVD player (preferably a Div-X compatible player) since the DVD player in our living room does not play pirated DVDs and so my DVD player is currently serving two rooms, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with bedroom renovation.

These are my original plans for my rooms – most of which have already been dealt serious blows. I don’t know what else I can do for my room and I'm running out of ideas! Maybe I'll just sit in my bed tonight and wait for a brainwave, renovation-wise, to take hold of me.

Just to frustrate myself more, these are the bedrooms I wish I have (courtesy of Damn.


eltaoo said...

Pokój mieszkańcom wszystkich światów!

Jela odsłoń twarz piękna dziewczyno i ciesz się życiem żyjąc z tym osobami, które pragną żyć budując i rozwijajać życie.


Jela said...

Hi! I wish I could say I understand what you just commented. :( I hope you don't mind that I had translated your comment (I assume it's Polish) just to make sure I'm not being cursed at on my own blog :D and here's the translation:

"Peace/room the inhabitants of all worlds!

Jela expose face beautiful girl and enjoy by the life living with this by people, which pragną lives constructing and to rozwijajać life.


Thanks, anyhow. :)

MakMak said...

And who is eltaoo? God your blog is so far-reaching. Lol.

Anyway, I like the second room better though it's a bit spacious. Maybe a few more clutter here and there.

The first one's a bit gloomy. I like the dark but this one's just plain bleh. It just doesn't work.

XS: Update your link.