Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Love Letter For No One

Dear you,

One day I'm going to meet you.

I think you're someone who's a bit like me - someone who loves Harry Potter to pieces, someone who dances like silly, someone who sings to himself when he thinks no one is looking. And yet you're just as different from me as the next person - you're a lot cheerful than I am, you walk with confidence, you pronounce words a bit differently. I don't even know if you like basketball. Or junk foods. I don't know how many siblings you have, or how many relationships you've gone through.

One day I'm going to meet you.

I think you're very attractive. I don't mean just physical attractiveness - you're attractive in a way that makes me want to know you more. You're interesting and funny and I'll never be bored when I'm with you.

One day I'm going to meet you.

Maybe you'll be wearing that thin black tie over white long-sleeved polos and jeans. You might be in a knit cap. You might be holding a book. Maybe you'll be in those glasses you rarely wear.

I know one day I'm going to meet you.

Thinking about that day fills me with thrill and anticipation. Maybe I should be more scared than elated, but why should I be terrified of someone, the mere thought of whom makes my heart smile?

Someday I'm going to meet you. Not when I'm ready for you; I don't think I'll ever be ready to be with someone like you. Not when I most need you; I want to be with you not because I need you, but because you are you.

One day I'm going to meet you. And when I do, I'm going to make sure you'll fall in love with me, too. :)

Love, Me

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