Tuesday, February 10, 2009

14 Days To Love - Day 10

Takemoto Yuta: There were so many four-leaf clovers inside, though I could only find one of them after searching an entire day... During spring two years ago, we met in a place which seemed like a miracle... I was happy just being with her... But, even though she was right in front of me, the way I couldn't reach my hand out was always irritating... The person that I was, telling myself I would never obtain it, and staying quiet while doing nothing, always made me angry... The thing that made me realize this was Hagu-chan's kindness. The thing which pushed the cowardly person that I was Hagu-chan's strength... Until now, I always wondered if there was a point to a relationship which failed. I wondered if something which disappears and something that never happened were the same thing... But, now I understand that there was a meaning to it. Because I met Hagu-chan, the person I am today is here now. The day that everything will turn into memories will eventually come... However, I probably will remember the priceless time we spent together.

HONEY AND CLOVER, episode 11 (2008)


Oh gosh. I couldn't watch this jdrama in one marathon session - every episode made me cry so much. But I love, love this drama! It's not quite as popular as it should be, others were bored by it, but I like its quiet appeal and the cinematography and the theme song and of course, Toma!

By now, you should have realized that I don't watch much happily-ever-after movies or dramas. The quote above was from the last episode of the drama and it never fails to tear me up whenever I watch it. Takemoto started out as this loser with an unrequited love for Hagu-chan (who in turn has romantic feelings for his friend Morita). Anyone who has ever had an unrequited love can fully sympathize with Takemoto - how it hurts to be so near that person and yet not find the courage to say what you feel. It's mostly a story of varying degrees of unrequited love among friends, but it's Takemoto's story that was the focus of the drama. Despite him becoming a better person after his personal journey, he still couldn't let go of his feelings for Hagu-chan. Maybe Takemoto will call that cowardice, but to walk away from those feelings, that takes a certain strength of character.

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