Friday, February 13, 2009

14 Days To Love - Day 13

Domyouji: Makino have you ever eaten a fig?

Makino: Huh?

Domyouji: What do fig tastes like?

Makino: Aren't they sweet and sour...

Domyouji: When you cut a fig in half, it looks like a heart, so some say its bitterness is like love... But to me, the flavor of love... tastes like the lousy cookie you made.

Jela: *flails madly*

HANA YORI DANGO, Season 2 (2007)


My previous post was from Season 1, okay, so technically this is a different jdrama. And no, the last part you will not find in the drama (unless you'd react the same way I did then change the name to your name).

Again, the dialogue, while quite funny, can't convey enough how awesome the exchange was. After Domyouji said the last line, he gave Makino this look, part-sneering, part-puppy-eyed-please-love-me-again look. And it's just so wonderful! Love confession, ALMIGHTY Domyouji style! I'll tell you I love by criticizing the cookie you gave me, the cookie I preserved and kept near my bed for one year before taking a bite of! (what he really wanted to say: Love me! Love me! Choose me! Let me make you happy!)

Anyway, after that beautiful ending in season 1, season 2 presented various roadblocks to the Domyouji/Makino romance, much of which is due to Domyouji's stubborness (I invariably want to stab him and hug him and tell him everything will turn out right). So of course, an arrogant declaration of love would solve their problems. Yeah right.

It's still romantic, though.

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