Thursday, February 5, 2009

Let Me Explain Myself


I cheated on my 14 Days project. But no one's keeping score, right? So just enjoy the quotes I selected. :D None of it are really mushy (which is why I removed that word from my title) but don't worry, one day I'm going to give you a movie quote that isn't about hearts breaking.

(And yes, I know I quoted High Fidelity again but this is from the film, okay? Last year the quotes were from the book!)

I was feeling a bit depressed yesterday for a shallow reason.

I've been writing a short story (well, more like, putting words in a piece of paper hoping that the combinations of words and phrases will one day make sense). It's not a complicated story, really, more like a-day-in-a-life setting with a pseudo stream-of-consciousness kind of narration (yes, that's a literary device and yes, I don't think I'm using it the way it's supposed to be applied; that's why I put the "pseudo" part).

Yesterday, I got this idea to throw in a bit of conflict among my characters based on a song I was listening to. So for a few moments I was busy jotting down ideas on paper and drafting the speaking lines.

So what's making me sad? Well, while replaying the story in my head, I just feel a sadness for my characters. Imagine that - a story I created in my mind about fictional people with fictional stories and fictional conflicts is making me tear up inside! How lame! I have to buy Twix just to cheer myself up.

I think I'm going to revise my short story and make it a happy one.

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