Saturday, February 14, 2009

Death by TV

All of a sudden, going to Lovapalooza - you know, that event on Valentine's Day when lovers are allowed to kiss in public to set a world record - seem such a WONDERFUL IDEA than staying at home, never mind that I'm not feeling well and is very much a single and will be in the company of lovers, lovers, and more lovers kissing.

What changed my mind?

I'm not even watching TV now but I can hear what they are watching - this Aga/Anne Curtis starrer in which Anne is such a hot, lovable, independent, hot, beautiful, intelligent, hot, rich and did I mention hot Mary Sue who falls for Aga because OMG he is the only one who loves her as much as her father does. And did I mention she was reluctant at first to start a relationship with him because OMG he loves her so much because she's hot, independent, hot, beautiful, whatever and did I mention hot and she will just hurt him because she can't love him as much as he loves her? And did I also mention that she suddenly was all sad and pining and her loyal friend was surprised that she's acting this way because other guys have gone crazy over her hotness but she never acted that way?

My head's aching.

(thank you Bom for the tickets. I really wish I was at the event and not just because of Anne. *sniff*)


Anonymous said...

omg! we tried going to that lovapalooza thingy. Damn traffic! we decided to detour and go to UP instead and again, olats pa rin kasi super dami ng tao! kakaloka.

Anonymous said...

hello anonymouse, who are you?

jelai said...

Anonymice! Care to introduce yourselves? :)