Wednesday, February 11, 2009

14 Days To Love - Day 11

Shan Cai: Dao Ming Si, we had a deal about the time. If we can still not be together then we will give up. And you will accept what your family has arranged for you… Ok?

Dao Ming Si: Why are you giving up?... If I can give up the first time we broke up, I would have given up already. I don’t even want to think that. We will be together.

Shan Cai: … I got it. We will be together.

Dao Ming Si: I miss you so much.

METEOR GARDEN, Season 1 (2001)


OMG this scene! Conversing behind closed doors! Say what you want about Jerry Yan’s acting skills (or lack thereof), but here is one scene where his acting was understated and surprisingly good.

After he was locked in his own room by his mother and after F4 failed to rescue him, Shan Cai went to see Dao Ming Si. His mother only let her talk to him outside his room. Shan Cai was worried for Dao Ming Si, which is why she asked him to give up so we he wouldn't have to suffer. But Dao DOESN’T WANT TO. Aww.

Dao Ming Si might be physically strong, but his greatest strength is his utter conviction in his love for Shan Cai. So much so that it hurts so bad each time Shan Cai rejects him or waffles in her feelings between him and Lei...

...which brings me back to this scene. After Dao Ming Si said he’s still not giving up on her, Shan Cai finally understood Dao’s conviction and for the first time, stood up to fight for him. It was a quiet but effective moment; they weren’t being dramatic about their plight, Dao wasn’t even screaming, each was trying to be strong for one another. At the end when Dao said “I miss you so much”, he teared up a bit and you feel how much he means those words.


MakMak said...

OMFG. I miss F4, I mean Meteor Garden.

k a r e n said...

me too! I really love this show! (sob)

jelai said...

Eeee! Go watch it again!