Thursday, February 12, 2009

14 Days To Love - Day 12

Domyouji: I know you’re happy.

Makino: No way…

Domyouji: You liar. You’re in love with me.

Makino: I AM in love with you. You’re stupid, selfish and self-centered. I’ve fallen in love with…

HANA YORI DANGO, Season 1 (2005)


The best, the BEST part about that exchange needs to be seen with your own eyes. Makino couldn’t finish her sentence because Domyouji, after hearing her say that she love him, suddenly hugged her. HE hugged her. He HUGGED her. He hugged HER. Excuse me, I need to stop myself first from squeeing.

Okay. Squeeing not quite over, how awesome was that scene from Hana Yori Dango? Domyouji, who love Makino unconditionally but had to endure her rejections, suddenly found Makino running after their private plane after she learned that he’s leaving for New York. Makino was crying while angrily berating Domyouji for being stupid, for going away without saying goodbye to her, and Domyouji FINALLY got a clue – Makino might just be in love with him. So while she was fuming and weepy, Domyouji had this little smile on his face. When he said “You’re in love with me”, he uttered it as a statement, but you can still see the uncertainty in his face. So when Makino AT LONG LAST admitted that she does love him, he hugged her and that hug said a million things more than the actual conversation. His face was OMG killing me – it’s a mixture of happiness, relief, gratitude and some sadness because he has to leave after. A very satisfying, fitting parting scene. Eeeee!

Don’t get me started on their kiss after that embrace. Eeeeee!


k a r e n said...

I really need to watch this dammit!

jelai said...

Go! go! go!

I hope I didn't spoil it too much for you! But, well, you've seen Meteor Garden so there's nothing to spoil really! Hahaha! But Hanadan made its own interpretation of the original material which made it different from Meteor Garden, so still watchable if only for the different take. The same goes for the Korean version (which is kinda boring me oops).