Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Bye BQs

Sad that the Beauty Queens got eliminated from The Amazing Race. Not just because they were competent racers and my favorite team this season, but more so because they could have been the first ever All Female team to make it in the Final Three – and deservedly so. Instead, that distinction went to the ‘Bamas, who, in my opinion, are not exactly the strongest and most intelligent All Female team in TAR history (they had benefited largely from the Cho brother’s stupid strategy of being nice. Nice isn’t bad, but you don’t have to give away whatever advantage you hold. It's a race dammit!). Also, they’re ungracious and unappreciative of the different places they’ve been to. Not only are they constantly whining about the other teams (the Beauty Queens in particular), but the other (was that Karlyn? the one with the permanent bitchface on) was even nasty to her own teammate!

I’m glad I was able to watch this episode after missing the last two. Tomato throwing? Awesome! Kimberly was losing her control and Rob still continued to throw back tomatoes at the locals instead of looking for the clue! It could have been annoying but I was just laughing. And I laughed so hard as I imagined if it were Colin and Christie or Jonathan and Victoria doing this task! Oh man, I hope Colin and Christie were included in the All Stars. They might be obnoxious, but they’re damn fine racers. And I would love to see another classic meltdown from Colin!

I do hope either the Models or Rob and Kimberly win this race. But the spoilers on the order of elimination had so far been accurate, so… (I guess you can probably read between the lines who is the eventual winner according to spoilers!)

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