Friday, December 22, 2006

Top 5 On Friday - Week 103

Top 5 musical things you are looking forward to in the new year.

  1. New album from Stonefree – I really love this band, and I love their debut album and I love hearing them sing live (and I love the vocalist! Hahaha!), so I'm pretty much excited about their sophomore album.
  2. The Beatles’ Love album – okay, I know it was released this year, but right now I don’t have the budget yet to buy this album (unless someone else volunteers to buy this for me!). But it’s a must buy for me next year.
  3. iPod related – this isn’t exactly a priority for me, but it would be nice to get a new iPod with bigger capacity and an iTrip that will allow me to play my iPod in the car.
  4. The OPM rock scene - The OPM rock scene has been alive and kicking for the past few years. I wish more bands would make it to the mainstream, especially the real talented ones.
  5. The comeback album of Britney Spears. Hahaha. Just kidding. Oh wait - American Idol! It's cheesy, it's corny, but it's one of my guilty pleasures and I'm so looking forward to its new season!

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