Friday, December 22, 2006

Who's Been Naughty This Christmas?

I am.

I drove my car alone. Without a license. Twice. Both times I had to pass through EDSA.

I filched a Spanish sardines from our company’s basket give-away to clients (in collusion with my officemate).

I was snappish and impatient with an officemate of mine today who was on 'sick' leave for two days because: 1) she was supposed to handle the distribution of the Christmas give-aways and I had to do it for her for two days on top of my [already monstrous] regular load; 2) her list was not in order so I had to make revisions and decide who gets what; 3) when she came in today, she still has no clue how to go about the distribution of the gifts and I had to give her instructions; 4) she complains loudly that she's still not feeling well; 5) she tried to play the 'martyr' card by insisting on going to work tomorrow, a Saturday; and 6) she keeps on asking pointless questions. I probably sound like a whiny bitch but I'm just so damn irritated with her that I can't muster an ounce of sympathy since she's getting some sort of cold treatment from my other officemates.

But overall, I have been pretty good and nice this year. So I hope Santa won’t take these against me.

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