Friday, December 22, 2006

The Love Life Curse May Have Been Broken But...

Do you have those days when you don’t feel like making an effort to dress up or to look nice? I sure do have those days when I just wear the first clothes I laid my hands on, stuff my hair in a pony and go out without even putting powder on my face. Feels sort of liberating, isn’t it?

But... I just have to ask: why do these days have to coincide with my accidentally meeting my crushes?! Why do I have to see my apple of the eyes when I know I don't look nice, when I feel so panget, panget, panget?! Ugh! It makes me wonder if the world is conspiring to doom me to a pathetic love life.

World, it’s like this: I am not asking for him to be my boyfriend or anything. I’m not even really searching for one! The only break from fate I’m asking is to please, pretty please make us meet when I am about halfway decent-looking for him to at least find me sort of interesting – enough for him to leave his current GF. (Hey, you know I was just joking on my last comment, right?) (World: see, there is a reason why fate is playing with you.)

Well, other than the fact that I had not groomed myself well last Monday (and the fact that I had confirmed that he does have a GF), I’m glad that I was to able to carry a decent and long conversation with my crush (codename BM). He did initiate the conversation, though, because stupid me is still so stupid as to pretend not to see him and waited for him to call me instead! Since this is the third time that he initiated the contact when we accidentally meet (I swear, our meetings' are purely coincidental. The few times that I, uh, stalked him I was unsuccessful), I guess it would be okay for me to talk to him first the next time around, right?

But first I have to make it a habit to look nice and pretty.

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