Thursday, December 7, 2006

I guess I really couldn't take it anymore. I am not privy to the Subic rape case because I hadn't followed its development religiously. But I am surprised - and appalled - by the contempt that most people had shown towards the victim, "Nicole", now that the ruling had been carried out. Basically, most people were of the opinion that she is a whore who got herself seriously drunk, ergo, she "brought it upon herself".

Rape is rape, even if it's a sex worker who cried foul, even if a girl is in a provocative dress and acts in a certain way and seems to be "asking for it". It isn't all about violating a woman's hymen and chastity, it is an act of a bully against the weak. When a girl, or even a guy, says "no", you don't have the right to force yourself into her or him. Don't give me that crap about "no sometimes means yes". And just because a girl acts like a slut and goes to town dead drunk doesn't make her fair game and "deserves to be treated that way". Fuck. Nobody deserves to be raped, puta man o birhen, and to say that a person deserves it is downright mean and unjustifiable.

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