Thursday, November 9, 2006

All I Want For Christmas Are...

I have made my list; I have checked it twice;
I have been both naughty and nice!
Santa Claus please make me
One happy girl this Christmas!

(Okay, it sucks.)

1 and half months to go and it’s Christmas! But you have to admit the weather’s not cooperating – it’s a freakin’ hot Christmas here! Hello El Niño, are you celebrating with us? So anyway, hot Christmas notwithstanding, here’s my early Christmas wish list (subject to change without prior written notice):

Playstation Portable. (something I had been wanting for a looong time…) (Sige na nga, pwede na ang Gameboy Advance. Does GB have RPG?)

A name for my new baby… I mean car. Must be a guy’s name, excepting Josh, Anthony and David, which are reserved for my future babies.

Stuffed toys/pillows for my new baby – I mean car – preferably Tasmanian Devil, Harry Potter-related pillows, or the tiger stuffed toys in Blue Magic.

iKaraoke (oh yeah!)

Books (what else?):

Lisey’s Story and/or The Cell – Stephen King
The Third Secret – Steve Berry
High Fidelity and/or Fever Pitch – Nick Hornby
The Fourth Bear – Jasper Fforde
Maximum Ride: School’s Out Forever – James Patterson
Artemis Fowl and The Lost Colony – Eoin Colfer
Einstein’s Dreams – Alan Lightman
Heavier Than Heaven – Charles Cross


Narda – Discotillion
The Killers – Sam’s Town
Gnarls Barkley – St. Elsewhere
John Mayer – Continuum
Cog - Conflagration

Hooded sweater/jacket. I already have a red, a navy blue, a UST jacket (which is not hooded), and 2 beige-colored jackets. Any color will do, preferably the jersey type, and as long as it's not La Salle green. (no, I'm not reverting to my wear-the-opponents-jacket-every-time-UST-loses scheme on the next UAAP season. Kaya nga wag colored green di ba? I just find myself developing a new addiction.)

Manchester United soccer jersey for ladies.


Dawson’s Creek Seasons 1-4
House Seasons 1-2
Lost Season 1-2
Supernatural Season 1
Code Name: Shaider
Karate Kid 1-3
Ninja Kids (the one with JC Bonnin, Herbert Bautista, etc.)
Meteor Garden 1 and 2 (pero yung tagalized)
This Is Spinal Tap

New cologne. Currently using Body Shop's Spirit of Moonflower but I’m kinda sawa na. No idea which scent I want, as long as it’s not too flowery.

A new wallet. (inclusive of money hahaha!)

Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and/or hand wash.

For my family and friends - peace of mind, wisdom, good health and happiness.

World peace.

The future father of my babies.

For true love to find me… yihi…


victorious said...

i want an ikaraoke too! i'm gonna go shop for one this lunch! haha. =P

is it already available here?

jela said...

Not yet. =( It's not yet even available at Amazon! I was under the impression that it will be released last quarter of 2006.

But since it's not yet available pa, ipon, ipon, ipon muna!!!

uy, check my new post. I'm expecting major contributions from you ha! =p