Monday, November 20, 2006

Make Way For My Mighty Blog!!!

Permit me to be a bit mayabang today as I found out that Manuel Quezon III mentioned MY blog in HIS blog!!!

(Just so you know why this is a big deal for me - Manuel Quezon III happens to be one of my fave columnists at Inquirer.)

Okay, I know it’s just a passing reference to my blog entry about the Pacquiao-Morales Grand Finale, specifically, how I got impatient over the long commercial breaks, but it’s flattering to be singled out from amongst hundreds of other blogs that have similar entries (of course I’m not discounting the possibility that my blog was just randomly selected out of the blogs that turned up from his search list).

Now that I’ve gained a bit of ehem, audience, I should probably stop posting nonsense in my blog (i.e. my various obsessions and addictions). Hahaha. Like I can help myself.


mlq3 said...

that was kind of you. it wasn't at random, in that i go through blog entries on a topic and pick out the ones i found different and/or interesting.

jela said...

that's nice to hear. thanks for droppin' by. =)