Monday, November 20, 2006

You Can't Make Me Look At These and Expect Me To Be Articulate Afterwards!

Ohmyfreakingoshohmyohmyicantbelieveimseeingthisicantwaitforthemovielike eeeeee!!!

Okay, I'm sorry. I must master my emotions (right, Professor Snape?).

And here's a picture of Sirius! Sniff. Padfoot. Sniff.

So who wants to Dungbomb Dolores Umbridge?

You would think I have shown already how obscenely excited I am about the film but really, I can't get enough! I'm blabbing and I'm looking extremely stupid in my own blog but I don't care! I heart HP. Really.

And I'm still contemplating that kiss...

(pics courtesy of Mugglenet - the best HP site in the universe!)

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