Monday, November 13, 2006

We'll Always Be Together...

If a prophecy about my love life exists, the oracle would probably tell me that my fate is to meet the guy of my dreams and have a very special connection with - but I’m doomed to never be with him.

Why did I say this? Because, dude, that’s what’s been going on!

A three-day convention in Cebu, loads and loads of cute, handsome, appealing guys that I am having sensory overload, and the guy that’s been on my head until now is the one I probably would never meet again in my life! I mean, I could have crush on any of the guys there who is a trader, since we work in the same industry and he most likely lives in the National Capital Region and the chance of us meeting again is very promising indeed, right? Instead, I only have my eyes on the vocalist/guitarist of a Cebu-based local band and how the heck can I meet him again?! (hmm… vocalist/guitarist. Sounds familiar…)

(And before you accuse me of going on a business trip only to go boy-watching, I did listen to the lecture of Secretary Andaya about the national budget and deficit. Or something like that...)

So let's call this guy Batman since he wore a batman shirt and batman mask when they performed, which he removed later on (the mask, not the shirt). For the benefit of those who know him and who could create a miracle of hooking us up together (ha! asa pa ko!), he plays for the band called NextStage and ohmygodheisohsocutie I can't believe I'm still thinking about him! Mind you, they're not a rock band but if a guy can make me sing "My Humps" (actually, just the line "she's got me spending...". He's got a way of singing like it's the sexiest line in the world) repeatedly that my officemate wants to smack me dahil nahawaan ko siya ng LSS ko, then Batman's really something, right?

I didn't notice him at first because he was just playing guitars and doing back-up vocals for their female lead, but when he started singing, I was hooked. I wondered out loud if he's cute without his shirt, I mean mask on. But I was not disappointed since he took off his mask later and revealed how cute he is. I took pictures of him, but the pictures I got doesnt' even do him justice because I'm such a lousy drunk, I mean photographer. My officemate nudged me to say that Batman was looking at me, too! Probably wondering who is the psycho taking pictures. I even had a short video of him, which should have been longer if not for my officemate directing my digicam to the keyboardist.

I know my gushing over him sounds eerily familiar to my gushing over these two other vocalists, but I can't help it! Maybe I'm destined to marry a band vocalist. He can just sing to me whenever we have nasty fights hahaha... syet, I'm losing my marbles.

And I swear, I just can't freakin' take my mind off him! I can still picture him, strumming his guitars while singing - from pop to reggae to New Wave to R&B. And he even sang "Build Me Up Buttercup"! How can I not fall for him? But, why oh why do we have to be far apart from each other? In my drunken, I mean smitten stage, I contemplated introducing myself to him. You know, like I'm willing to forgo a bit lot of kahihiyan just for Batman's real name. And it's not like we're ever going to meet again, right? Ri-ight.

But you know me, I chickened out at the last minute. So now I only have my memories of him singing those songs that are not in my iPod, like their last song which goes "hey baby (uh ah!) I wanna know (I wanna know) if you'll be my girl...". I'll be your girl, Batman, forever and ever. We'll always be together in electric dreams.

Nutter, thy name is Jela.

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