Thursday, November 30, 2006

One Starbucks Planner For Jela!

Yahoo! I finally got my own Starbucks Planner! Big thanks to everyone, friends and strangers alike, who, ehem, helped me complete the required number of stickers!

This is my first entry on my planner slash diary slash sulatan ng aking mga ka-eklatan:

Now that I have a new planner, it's time to look back to the old one that I've never really used as much as I want to, probably because I thought it was too pretty to be the sounding board of my stupid and fickle ramblings. But as I look at it now, I realized, "sayang". Some things are meant to be used, after all (but not to be abused), even if these are "too pretty", otherwise, these will remain that way: pretty but emply. Who cares anyway if it's your own crap that you write?

So my very first resolution: I'm gonna use this planner, down to the very last page of this memo pad, as much as I can. No more writing down of my ramdom ramblings in scraps of paper or in my cell phone's drafts.

This is MY planner - and these are MY thoughts, MY fears, MY desires, MY happiness, MY frustrations. This is the start of another chapter in my life! =p


Anonymous said...

dapat planner ko yan e!!
hehehe.. joke lang... love u bru

jela said...

hoy anonymous!!! i got this planner fair and square! i invested money and kahihiyan just for this pretty planner! and hello?! more than half na stickers ko wala ka pa din! hehehe! you'll get yours eventually.

Anonymous said...

you're so bruha!! grr... i cant sleep na cause of too much coffee and pati si shannon sobrang nilambing ko na to drink 8 cups of special treats para makuha ko na rin planner ko. mwahaha!! konti na lang. (as if naman ginagamit ko no. o well lang pakialamanan). kopyahin ko blog mo pag nakuha ko na planner ko. hihihi

** ketzchupie aka anonymous