Wednesday, November 29, 2006

So Little Time, So Much To Do

I'd rather spend my days with you
So little time, so much to do
I'd like to spend one day with you

Some of the things I really want to do, but can't find the time or energy or drive to do so...

  1. Practice driving
  2. Read
  3. Sleep
  4. Start my Christmas shopping
  5. Update the songs on my iPod
  6. Update my Friendster, Multiply and LastFM account
  7. Ice skate
  8. Watch NBA and PBA (Mavs is on a 10 game winning streak and I haven't seen a single game?!)
  9. Watch The Amazing Race (damn! I missed the last 2 episodes! and, yep, I'm totally excited about the All-Stars Edition!)
  10. Download 'Heroes'
  11. Marathon DVD
  12. Back up my files
  13. Change the layout of this blog
  14. Upload the pictures on my digicam
  15. Write a damn novel! (I had joined NaNoWrimo in the hopes of creating my first ever novel in one month. But it's the last day of the month tomorrow and not a single word nor idea had crossed my mind.)
  16. Renovate my room
  17. Review for the Certification Program
  18. Transfer my things from my old workstation to my new work area.
  19. Keep in touch with my friends
  20. Go to Baguio (damn it! postponed na lang palagi!)

don't you forget about me
when you're a celebrity
I know you're busy,
but we all need somebody before too long.

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