Thursday, November 23, 2006

Random Blah Blah

  • Tomorrow is the big day for every employee in our company. I just want you to know that I did everything in my power to ensure that everyone will get what we've all been waiting for. So please lang, huwag ako ang sisihin if something goes wrong. Gusto ko ding sumuweldo no.

  • Someone tried to hack one of my internet account. Although I have complete faith in the strength of my previous passwords, I am forced to change passwords for all the accounts I maintained in the world wide web. Better safe than sorry. But now I have trouble recalling which password I assigned to this and that account. Aaaaaaah!!! Bad trip!!!

  • I never expected that I would enjoy the movie "Happy Feet" as much as did when I watched it yesterday. Honestly, I was more excited with the trailer of "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix". Okay, I know that the trailer has been made available in the web since last week, but I do want my first preview to be through the big screen. Ang arte! The trailer was awesome and very bitin, the trailer for "Eragon" was also interesting (although I'm not a big fan of the book, I'm excited about the film. I think the story would translate better if it is made into a movie), but dude! "Happy Feet" rocks! I wouldn't want to spoil the story to you but all I have to say is, I heart Robin Williams! I heart Ramon! You get that jojos? =p

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