Thursday, November 2, 2006

The LRT Connection

After my seminar last Saturday, I decided to take the LRT-MRT route on the way home. As usual, both are a teeming mass of humanity. The first LRT couch that arrived was already full so I decided to wait for the next train.

It was a fateful decision. As I stood there waiting, I saw this fireworks display from afar (I think it was at Mall of Asia). And for that short time, I felt content to be just standing there, gazing at the distant lights...

Then, "Pasko Na Sinta Ko" came up on iPod and waah! Senti to death!!! Kidding! It didn't actually ruined the moment, but, well, it's not exactly the type of song that's appropriate for my mood!

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that, even in the midst of chaos and madness, I can still be at peace - happy and content to just be there.

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