Thursday, October 5, 2006

Divert Your Face!

When I wanted to have relaxing lunch break, I leave my cell phone on my desk drawer and go out of the office and just walk around. But now I can't do that as my eldest brother took matters in his own hands and decided to divert his calls to my phone. Not to worry, he said I should expect calls only until 3pm.

So now I am his secretary?!

This, plus the fact that he hasn't returned yet the Metallica DVD that I haven't even watched yet, should translate to a big, big payoff come Christmas time [or probably an exemption from giving him a birthday gift heh.]. Or else, there'll be hell to pay.

Hello? You just reached his one and only sister. His very, very loving little [literally] sister, who's a bit infuriated with him right now. Just a bit I assure you. But you better make your message short or you'll regret ever calling him for the rest of your life! So, dude, what's your message again?

Do you think my brother would mind my little spiel?

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