Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On The Verge

(to counter the negativity of my two previous posts, I'm posting this thought I had last weekend, which... is a bit negative also hahaha... I'd like to think that I wrote this down during a drunken spell, but the thought hit me while watching a John Mayer concert [with him singing "Your Body's A Wonderland" na wala namang konek sa sinasabi ko!] so I guess I was as lucid as I could ever be and that the words here I attribute to a very confused mind...katching!) (ok, so now I feel better!)

I refuse to admit that I like him. But the truth keeps tugging at me to acknowledge its annoying existence.

So why am I hiding? Because I think he's into someone else. And it just seem mighty disappointing that my first venture at love after a long while is bound to end up in a heartbreak.

But does that mean I should choose someone who shows he's every bit interested in me even if I don't have strong enough feelings for him just to avoid the ache of an unrequited love?

LOVE - I'm not quite there yet. But I'm on the edge and just a push will send me tumbling down straight into his arms.


jen said...

sino to??? :)

Bom said...

puwede bang i-share sa'min pag ready ka na? =D