Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rant #01: From A Corporate Slave

I must be more patient than I thought I was, for I had been wanting, since yesterday, to curse and scream at my boss (on second thought, I’m probably just afraid to lose the job that pays for the bills).

'**** ina boss!!! Make up your mind! It’s not easy to compute, make a schedule, draft a letter, have it signed by signatories and then ask me to repeat again the process about 5 times since yesterday because you can’t decide on what course of action to take!!! And this for just one fucking loan facility! and I have to do the same for another facility! Did you know that I haven’t been doing some a lot of my tasks since Monday ever since you and all the higher ups decided that “wow! merge na tayo! let’s do everything all at once!” and conveniently forget that I alone do all the bank borrowing related transactions (sana naman maki-share ka, and making bola with the creditors does not count). I still have the daily cash position monitoring, external audit, month-end reports and the damn madugong merger transition period to deal with. Every time the stupid phone rings, I am just tempted to hurl it into outer space because I’m about thisclose to shouting “shut the fuck up!” on your face!

Sorry, but I just want to cuss really, really bad. I’m afraid if I don’t do it here, I just might spontaneously combust. so,

'**** NA SYET TALAGA!!!!!!! @#@!%$$#@*&%$$$@!#!!!!!!

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Bom said...

Di na lang ako mag-c-comment, baka kung ano pa masabi ko *zips mouth*