Friday, October 27, 2006

Gusto Kong Matutong Mag-Drive!

This Sunday, I will start doing something I had never plan to do in my lifetime, ever: I will learn how to drive.

Of course, I’ve always wanted to own a car (my dream car was a Rav4 and recently, a Mazda 3. But even my dreams won’t let me have these). But I’ve never seen the need to actually have the skill to drive because I the way I figured it, I have 4 brothers I can rely on to chauffeur me around (and if I’ll ever have a BF/husband, he’ll be the one to drive for me. Best reason to have a BF hehehe!!!) Also, I don’t think I’ll be a welcome contribution to the road as I’m too quick-tempered and too tulala to be left on my own devices on the driver’s seat.

So, one of my plans for the year was to buy a car. Initially, I’m okay with just a second-hand unit. Well, I suffer the worst of luck when it comes to scouring for the perfect second-hand car, not to mention that my being an ignoramus when it comes to cars (mags? Anong mags?) had me doubting whether I was really getting a good deal or not. So after 4 prospects, 2 heartbreaks (because 2 of these prospects I really, really liked) and lots of stress, I decided to just get a brand new car – but not after my dad promised to share with the cost (read: the distribution is not 50-50. Guess who got the bad end of the deal).

So now I have car (which will be released to me on Tuesday) but – no driver yet. I can’t really expect anything from my 2 older brothers as the eldest has a family of his own and is living far from us and the other is in Singapore. And I sure can’t get love from the 2 younger brothers who I sometimes have to bribe just to do something for me (and who wouldn’t even drop me off to Starbucks in their scooter). Which leaves me with no choice but to learn how to drive. (And here I would like to emphasize that I have 4 brothers and I am the only girl, the unica hija… yeah, screw that pampered princess dream. It would never ever happen in this lifetime.)

The excitement over a new car is slowly and deliberately being killed by my anxiety over my driving lessons. Driving is a skill, and I’m afraid to find out that I don’t have it and – Oh my God! How totally embarrassing would that be?! This Sunday would just be lecture – it’s the actual driving with an instructor that I’m not exactly looking forward to. Imagine 10 hours worth of driving lessons with a stranger. Yeah, poor instructor. Imagine being stuck in the road with a moron.

I hope this fear is just the same as the ones I felt in the past when I experience something for the first time: that the actual experience is less scary than when you were anticipating for it.

Wish me luck on my driving lessons. And pray for my instructor and the pedestrians and motorists I would encounter down the road, for their sanity and safety, respectively.


Bom said...

Waaaa! Ang dami ko nang na-m-miss na balita diyan! Syet! Ipag-drive mo kami when I get back!!!

Anonymous said...
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