Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Rant #02: Message Received

To this person who’s been pestering me with text messages since Monday:

I understand that sarcasm is hard to detect when it is only written, or in this case, texted. But when I texted and said that I think you’re being mysterious by not revealing who you are, I did not mean that as an invitation for you to start being “mysterious” by texting me that you won’t divulge who you are if I did not answer. Your ploy might have worked, you know, the first time you did it, and I might think that you really are being mysterious. But three text messages saying the same thing (geh n nga sasabhn kna kng cnu ako…Kso d kna ngrereply eh..Byebye na…) after I didn’t text back, several “missed calls”, and more text messages to get my attention – I just need to ask: what part of my silence did you not understand?

Normally, I am a friendly person. Normally, I would play the “Guess who I am?” game if the other person on the other end does arouse my interest. And normally, I am attracted to mysterious guys. But you are neither mysterious nor fascinating and your fixation with my love life just doesn’t feel right.

And you know what? There’s just this weird coincidence that I also received text messages around the same time last year from someone purporting to be an old friend of mine who’s just as interested as you are about my love life. And another coincidence? You both called me “Jelai”. Oh no, we are not jumping into conclusions here, merely stating an observation.

Well, if it happens that you really are a legitimate admirer of mine (ehem), then I’m flattered by the attention. I am not trying to be hard-to-get, but really, your method of engaging a lady’s attention leaves so much to desired. I am willing to give you another chance and start over again, but you better start it by telling me who the hell you really are.

But if you’re neither an admirer nor a friend, I suggest you get a life. It’s not that that hard, you know. And some of us are actually doing it to be bothered by childish guessing games.

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