Friday, October 6, 2006

Friday's Feast 114

Name a song you know by heart.

Gosh, there’s just so many! The first song that comes to mind was Two Minds Crack’s “Upside Down”. It’s been a fave song of mine way back in high school and I still enjoy listening to it.

Maybe you don’t understand, our love lies lost but you’re still holding my hand, oh, and then you walked away, just as I, I wanted to stay… You’re turning me on, you turn me around, you turn my whole world upside down…

What will you absolutely not do in front of another person?

Pick my nose. Do a wrestler or fashion model impersonation. I do a lot of that in front of the mirror in the privacy of my bedroom. None were good impersonations, I must say. Which is why it should stay as hidden as possible.

How often do you use mouthwash and what kind do you like?

Once or twice a day. I use Astring-O-Sol freshmint.

Main Course
Finish this sentence: I am embarrassed when...

I blurt out non-sequiturs. Or when I let slip that I’m ignorant on some things. I no longer get embarrassed when I fall flat on my face. It has become something predictable like the rising and setting of the sun.

What was the last food you craved?

Marshmallows. Colorful, fluffy marshmallows.


Danella said...

Great feast, marshmallows are yummy.

Have a happy Friday

ribbiticus said...

good feast! mine's up too. ;)

Caylynn said...

Great feast. :) Marshmallows - yum! :)

Happy Friday. :)