Tuesday, October 3, 2006


I really, really wanted to make a better entry for this, but my stupid job is keeping me busy and I have a massive headache right now. Anyway, I just want to let this out:


I promise to make a nice entry about this. You know, I was really happy about the championship, but yeah, work has its way of crashing you from your happy, happy land to a sobering reality.

Anyway, read these to get a dose of the Tiger fever. Woo! Tiger Power!


Anonymous said...

ei thank me, thank me!!! if not because of the super galing SMART 3G (naks libre promotion) you won't be able to watch that heart stopping game... wowowow!!! kinda sad though that my "date" with the cutie engineer didn't pushed through.. o well better luck next time *wink wink*

hope di to mabasa ni t****a hahaha!!! kundi buking!

T-I-G-E-R-S rah... Tigers tigers fight fight... i miss henry ong.. go kuya!!! shoooot...

jela said...

bat naka-anonymous ka?! hehehe! yep, thanks to you. although watching thru 3G is kinda nakakainis coz the audio gets lost or the video is buffering during crucial moments of the game!

Anonymous said...

lam mo naman na may pinagtataguan ako no.. ssshhh the "crookeds" is just around the corner