Friday, October 27, 2006

Whenever I Call You...

He called me 'Je'! He called me 'Je'! Awww…

I would like to point out that this ‘he’ is not the same as the one I almost fell in love with. This ‘he’ is an old, old crush of mine. Not that I’m developing feelings for him again, it’s just that we haven’t really talked to each other the way we used to. Well, actually, we’re still not yet the same as before, but to hear him call me 'Je' again was like saying that we are okay, even after all these years. And it was a nice highlight after a very stressful day.

You might think I have this weird fixation with what people call me (because I had quite a lot of entries on this subject), and yeah, I guess I have. Maybe it’s just the memory I associate these with that made some of my nicknames special or that the sound of my name coming out from someone’s lips isn’t always the same if it comes from someone else. Jela coming from a stranger sound so presumptuous (like, hello? Close tayo?). Maybe it's just making a big deal out of it, but for me, what you call me and how you say it says a lot about us (naks!).

I know I’m not really making my point clear here, so don’t mind me and my stupid thing with my names. I’m just happy to be called ‘Je’! =p

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