Monday, October 16, 2006

I’d Rather Have Bad Times With Reymond Than Good Times With Someone Else (i.e. Jan or Miguel)

Just when I decided to throw my support on him, Reymond Sajor was eliminated last night from Philippine Idol.

Damn it, people! Are we looking for the worst singer here?!

He was the best during Metropop Week. I personally think “Be My Lady” is a very cheesy song, but I didn’t care when he started singing it. The same I could say when he sang “I’d Rather”. This one I was able to watch live at Megamall and I tell you, from his first line alone (“I thought some time alone was all we ever needed…”), shocks! I got hooked! He captured the emotion of the song perfectly and he sings cleanly, without those annoying affectations, and he sings in tune (are the other contestants paying attention to what I am saying here? Sing. In. Tune.). I was also pleasantly surprise to see that he was kinda cute in person hehehe… Crushie crushie!!!

I kind of expected Reymond's elimination, after Drae got the boot last week. There are times when you want to be proven wrong, only in this case, I never got what I want. But even if I had expected it, I still can’t help but feel sad. Yeah, yeah, invested much.

Drae is out. Reymond is out. And the search for the very first Philippine Idol continues. Watch me not care.

(they say that next week’s theme is Pinoy Rock. WTF?)

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