Wednesday, September 13, 2006


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I just want to share this text message a friend forwarded to me:

When the same
old street doesn't
look the way
it was before,

It's hard not to
cry for good
ol' memories...

But then,
we go on living...
We conclude that
changes can't
alienate us...

We suffocate
ourselves with
the fact that
changes is optimal.

follows after it...

We almost
get numb
of farewells...

We shred off

'til we realize
that we've also
been changed...

How often have you been told that 'there's nothing constant in this world but change'? But like most things you've been told about, you never really understand it until it stares right at your face. Until it becomes a reality to you. And then you try to fight it, you try to keep every part of your life the same, you go back to what is familiar, what is comfortable. You fear change so you tried to fight against it, until you realize you're fighting a losing battle - you had changed also...

But change is so overrated. Some people, they change just for the sake of changing, just to say that hey, I'm not the same as before. But they forget to look back to who they were before, and how far they have gone to become who they are now. In that sense, they have not really grown.

I am not good at goodbyes. Some memories still make me cry. Coping with changes wasn't always easy, or welcome. But I learned to live with life, I learned that it's okay to look back sometimes, but I must not always lose sight of my goals.

I look back and remember the people I lost in my life - those I've let go without really meaning or wanting to, those I had pushed away, those I had to say goodbye to because they need to be some place else, those who just went on without saying goodbye to me... and I feel glad that they become part of me and a little sad that I can no longer share with them my future triumphs and heartaches. But mostly, I still wish that I would see them again some day, that we would be able to transcend the distance, the prolonged absence, the changes that had happened, and go back again to what was comfortable and familiar.

check this entry again. I was finally able to do something I haven't done for a long time. =)

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Bom said...

Miss you guys =(