Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Eye And The Adik

I bought a new pair of contact lens the other day to replace the old pair I ‘lost’ last Monday [for the stupidest reasons the details of which I have no plans of elaborating]. Per usual, I had to read the E chart. So I was wearing those test lenses and was in the second line when the optometrist scolded me:

“Why are you squinting?”

And then I realize that I was squinting because I was trying my damnedest to read the letters correctly. And I feel sort of apologetic and disappointed that I couldn’t get the letters right. Of course, I wouldn’t get it right, malabo nga ang mata ko di ba?!


Sometimes I take things way too seriously.

So for all of you with perfect 20/20 vision, take care of your eyes. Having imperfect vision is hard, uncomfortable and a bit costly, especially if you’re wearing contact lenses. If you’re not as vain as I am, glasses really aren’t that bad as these are easier to care for and would not require much periodic replacing [choose the rimless style if you don’t want to look too geeky].

Speaking of contact lenses, I am not happy with the brand I bought. I wish I hadn’t been stingy and bought a cheaper brand. It was a bit thicker and its circumference is bigger than my previous contact lens. Sometimes when I blink I can feel its edges. I sacrificed comfort for a price differential of about 500 bucks. [hahaha! making a big deal out of contact lenses!]

I really should have bought Bausch and Lomb®. I am promoting this brand starting today in the hopes that a representative of that company stumble upon this free advertising and give me a free pair of clear extended-wear contact lenses. Just in case, I have a 275/275 vision (is that how you say it?!). I mean it! A pair will do!

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