Sunday, September 10, 2006


UST did it! They won five in a row! Woo hoo!

The UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe successfully defended their crown in the annual UAAP Cheerdancing competition, winning for the fifth straight year. Woo hoo! [sorry for being Taylor Hick-ish today, but damn! Sobrang woo hoo talaga!]. FEU was the surprise second and UP placed third, which was some accomplishment considering they only had 1 month's worth of preparation.

Man, wasn’t that an awesome performance by Salinggawi?! Clean, seamless execution of their pyramids, lifts and tosses, not to mention catchy floor routines. And the dancers have a way of making their moves look easy, and they have this swagger that seem to say, “hey, look at us, we’re running away with murder!”. Or, more appropriately, we’re running away with our fifth straight crown! Yeah!!!

Due to the change in rules this year, the performances of the schools are more focused on the technical side than on the dance routines. Which made me more confident about UST’s chances because Salinggawi has always been the trailblazers when it comes to difficult stunts. I also applaud the organizer’s decision to scrape the sponsor cheer this year because, really. That one had always been an unpopular feature.

My prediction was a bit off. I had UST at first, then Adamson and UP. FEU were also good, there’s just this matter of them looking like bugs in their uniforms. And this one: “Tamaraws are afraid of nothing. Nothing!” Well, aren’t tamaraws staple food for Tigers?! Hahaha. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I just hope the bitterness of the previous year's competition will not be repeated this year.

The Salinggawi Dance Troupe rocks! I hope the next thing me and my alma mater will be celebrating is the Men’s basketball team’s trip to the Finals!

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