Monday, September 25, 2006


The two thunder-like sound you might have heard yesterday afternoon probably was just me, screaming my lungs off while watching the first game of the UAAP Championship best-of-three Series. The first one was a roar of excitement after Allan Evangelista made that shot that put the UST Growling Tigers at the lead with 1 second to go. The second one, unfortunately, was a cry of disappointment after Doug Kramer’s undegoal stab that cinch the win for the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Man, wasn’t that some game?!

Honestly, I’m not that sad about the loss. The game could have gone either way. The last play by Escalona and Kramer prove that Ateneo is the more experienced team. UST, despite their talent, still lacks the maturity on crucial end game scenarios. Hopefully, whatever the outcome of the series is, UST will learn a lot from their experience.

Another thing is, I can’t feel any bitter rivalry between Ateneo and my team. And that’s not exactly a bad thing. I think it’s a game played with mutual respect [I didn’t see it on TV, but I read that the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion played UST’s “Go USTE!” drumbeat and the Yellow Jackets reciprocated with the “Go Ateneo” cheer. Wow! Is that awesome, or what?!] . I prayed for UST to make it to the Final Four and then to the championships, but I had no expectations at all. I don’t think I’m the only one who was proven wrong by the Tigers, I think others are not counting at all at UST to go this far, but they’ve clawed their way through, and they have earned respect. I had expected the first game to be a blow out, but it was excruciatingly close. UST came prepared, and I couldn’t ask for a more confident team to strut their stuffs on the hard court. That’s the right attitude guys!

I hope UST will win the second game, if only because its loyal followers and the viewers of the UAAP deserve to see another possible classic game [and I deserve to have another chance to watch the game live at the Araneta]. This early, I am extending my congratulations to both teams.

To the Ateneo Blue Eagles – you are a worthy adversary. I salute you.

And to the UST Growling Tigers – there’s no shame in your loss. Go USTe!


  • All these years that I had watched basketball, I still ponder how is it that basketball players can make those hail mary shots while being double- or triple-teamed, and yet suck big time at the free throw line? [add to that my question on why a player never jumps when he’s taking a free throw shot. Honestly hindi ko alam kung kasama ba talaga sa rules ‘to.]

  • yummm… Cyrus Baguio… I don’t need you to distract me from watching the Finals.

  • Seeing Dennis Espino and Chris Cantonjos again was something. I can still recall their ’93 sweep! Please Tigers, ibalik niyo yung 4Peat era natin!!!

  • Some of my friends were surprised to find out when I texted them that UST made it to the finals. Mga hindi kasi nanonood ng game! Hehehe... But I'm glad their support was there at this crucial stage. Although I would have preferred that I watch the game without the distraction of a text message asking what time the game would start!

  • I am still bitter that I wasn’t able to watch the game at the Araneta. Pag umabot ng third game, I might transact with scalpers. I’d kill for a lower or upper box A ticket. Let’s get it onnn!!!

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